Coffeehands' Commissions

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Digital Standard

  • Must pay at least half of full payment up front, anything $50 and above. Anything less than $50 should be paid fully up front. The finished piece will not be sent to you without completion of full payment!

  • Prices may increase depending on design complexity (Usually an additional $5 - $15 per character)

  • Additional characters are +75% of the original price

  • Background prices may vary depending on detail (Usually an additional $10 - $35)

Sketch Page

  • $45 per page

  • Consists of the equivalent or more worth of sketches

  • Ask for either a full body or two half bodies

  • Ask for specific expressions or items relating

  • Full payment up front

  • Ask about Couple Sketchpages

Stylized Chibi

  • Flat Color for EACH character is $30

  • Full Color for first character is $50

  • +$30 for additional Full Color characters

  • Full payment up front anything <$51

Bag o'Beans

  • A “bag” o’ SIX beans is $5

  • Full payment up front

  • Great as emotes for chats like Discord

  • Low price, Low effort, Still adorable

  • That’s it, you just get a bag o’ beans of your characters


  • $10-15 per Emote depending on complexity/reference

  • Get 5 for a 10% discount!

  • Full payment up front

  • Credit me as the creator on your twitch page if you use them for your streams!

Minimal Animations

  • +50% to 100% of full price depending on complexity

  • Similar to Standard Commissions, but with more movement!

  • LIMITED Animations for images such as: Blink, Tail Wag, Background Movement, etc.

  • We can talk about this in depth together!


  • Visit my Ko-Fi for MORE variety of comms!

  • ALL Ko-fi Commissions are SKEB style, aka NO communication.

  • Simply order a commission and show me a picture of your character. You will get a random piece in the style of which commission you ordered.

All prices are USD and payment methods can be discussed. Prices may vary depending on complexity.

Additional Information

  • I have the right to turn down a commission.

  • Each commission allows for LIMITED major changes during the sketching process. Additional changes after the sketching process may cost extra and must be paid before continuing the piece.

  • PLEASE NOTE that if you only have a description of your character with no prior drawings or images of the character, I may have to charge a higher price. Please understand that it is one thing to draw a preexisting character and another to draw your individual vision. Thank you for understanding! Providing more reference pictures of inspiration helps me a TON, and can lower this fee.

  • All preparation materials, visuals, and sketches, including all electronic files used to create the project remain the property of myself, CoffeeHands.

  • ** USAGE**: You can put your commissioned image anywhere you want as long as there is a credit linked back to my social media. This includes using it as an icon or on a blog page. As for logos, please credit me as the creator as well. If you get a custom design, credit back to me as the original artist/developer for the design. Additionally, I would love to see where you posted your piece(s), so feel free to link me to it! You CANNOT sell your commission in any form. You CANNOT use my art in blockchains or AI.

  • PUBLICIZING: If you do not want your commission published on any social media, please let me know in the inquiry. Additionally, the process of completing commissions may be streamed on my twitch channel. If you do not want your commission publicized in this way, please let me know.

  • TIME: Pieces are generally completed anywhere from 1-3 weeks, but there is no real time stamp. If you want your piece to be completed faster, there may be a fee. Please consider the list at the top of the page!

  • REFUNDS: You are able to get a full refund on your commission if you catch me before I start it. If I have already started, finished, or anywhere in between, you cannot be refunded.

Please DM on any of my social media pages OR email [email protected] for inquiries.

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